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FB-Block Firefox plugin

The paper „FP-Block : usable web privacy by controlling browser fingerprinting“ (presented in session 4A) is about a FireFox plugin, the authors developed.¬† You can find here the open source¬†plugin for downloading.

Online tracking is big business. Various companies are so widely used on the Web, that many (if not most) pages a casual user visits will embed their products. Examples include Facebook (‚like‘ button), Youtube (videos), but also less visible aspects such as JQuery (popular Javascript library). Whenever a browser encounters such embedded contents, the embedded contents can determine the browser’s „fingerprint“ – a set of attribute values of the browser (resolution, language, OS, browser version, etc). As such, they can track a browser across each and every page where they are embedded.

The FP-Block Firefox plugin ensures that each visited website is provided with a unique fingerprint. This ensures that all embedded parties also see that unique fingerprint, and thus no longer can track users across different Websites.